Blood and sweat summed up the local real estate network promotion methods

It has been two years of

operation in Handan real estate network, in the past two years, I eat a lot of suffering, and now I have not only a real estate network, Taobao also has numerous guest website, and today I want to share some of the local real estate network promotion methods for the owners and friends, and these promotion methods are I earned promotion methods summed up in the real estate network promotion process in these two years, I hope you pay attention to.

sweat promotion methods:

, Internet cafes, computer city promotion, many local real estate network owners will use some common promotion methods in the promotion of the time, such as QQ group promotion, Baidu promotion and so on Post Bar method, but these methods can only help us get part of the flow, the flow is more from the reality. The promotion of Internet cafes and computer has several benefits, one can set up a local real estate website in the Internet cafe desktop navigation, because it is a local Internet cafe, the natural effect is very good. Two is the computer city every day to sell the computer, and the computer is that we can use the tools, time can be installed in the local computer network of real estate will be set to the home page, so you will be able to bring traffic to the site.

two, United real estate intermediary business promotion, to become a real estate intermediary business will be able to explain his natural resources is very rich, but we want to do is to use these resources to create value for the website, I now approach is 300 yuan for each month, and share information, we do not underestimate this point, through the sharing of information can help website has a large number of resources, then users to enter the site to see a lot of information he would be interested in a long time, it can bring a lot of fixed traffic to your site.

three, local real estate network promotion do not forget the use of promotional leaflets, local real estate network is a local forum, when I was in Handan real estate network promotion will spend a lot of money to make copies of leaflets, then please help me out a lot of people, this approach through leaflets to gather the brand in the I had a short time inner product, by this method two months later, I in the street casually looking for a person to ask: where is the best local real estate information provider? He said: Handan real estate network, the address is * * *, which illustrates the leaflet to bring the brand effect. If you have not used promotion methods on reality, then I suggest you to try these promotion methods, these local promotion methods only stronger than in the network.

is four, taxi advertising resources, taxi every day in the city’s floating, I had also not found this phenomenon, I saw a taxi is to publicize the "Handan information network, www.***.cn, was an inspiration to me, the information network can make the real estate network promotion, why am I not? So I found a taxi company advertising, to 800 yuan per month rent for half a year, 10 times of carousel advertising opportunities every day, I feel the effect is very good.

five, there are real estate