Huang Taiji turned back by multiplication learning Uber compression mode of firm

Abstract: Huang Taiji through the force of marketing into the public eye, on the product level and brand marketing has become a hot topic. However, in the last year Huang Taiji "Silence", recently became aware of the boss "he went to the store".

three years Huang Taiji has experienced three incarnations, the first is to do a "Chinese McDonald’s" second "; do takeaway"; third is the access of third party products. The front has been one thing to do is to make "Huang Taiji" the brand is known. Now he is no longer focused on the owner of the shop stalls pancakes, starting in September last year, the company will be transformed into a pure Internet takeaway.

yellow "takeaway" subtraction rule

decided to do before the takeaway, he felt that the boss can not do it again to open the door to do the brand, the store’s marginal cost is not high, there are still some limitations in the business. This phase of Huang Taiji began to learn like millet, lock the user pain points. However, fast food and fast food do mobile phone is not the same, there is no need to meet the needs of all people, so the team has been to Huang Taiji to do subtraction: only three km CBD distribution, do full coverage, only 30 – 50 off price, only a meal at noon, only the best brand and product category the product of cooperation.

Huang Taiji will be so "solid" compression mode will bring consumers away,


: but the fact that 1 U.S. corporations, hungry, Baidu takeaway is to verify the foreign selling mode, Manicure, hairdressing beauty industry project to store in the pursuit of. In the increasingly high cost of rent today, Huang Taiji chose to go to the restaurant. 2 starting from the user’s pain point, the user’s core needs is time.

yellow "takeaway" through the establishment of the central kitchen to increase production capacity. In addition to its own brand, but also access to third party brand standardized fast food products. By the end of a single product supply chain cooperation with third party brand, does not occupy the existing restaurant brand cooperation capacity, through the CBD central kitchen has completed the final step of not more than one minute heating processing and packaging and distribution.


it is understood that Huang Taiji takeaway central kitchen China World Trade Center CBD base 1 officially launched, a single base single day production capacity of 8000 single, single product of 25000. Huang Taiji is currently in Beijing Wangjing, covering China World Trade Center, Asia, Sanlitun, Yizhuang 5 areas, "takeaway" mode makes the regional capacity centralized and standardized, each central kitchen covers 3 square kilometers of the peak capacity reached more than 2400 per hour and 9600 single item.

to meet consumer needs in time, ensure Huang Taiji served within 30 minutes, Huang Taiji socialized with life and capacity to send a single copy of UBER settlement compensation system, according to the amount of a single takeaway pay platform, pay up to 9 yuan each to 14 yuan a high commission to speed up the takeaway takeaway, room speed >