Entrepreneurs readme Entrepreneurship three times a year is how the transition experience

over the past year in the course of entrepreneurship, the three transformation, we tried the four direction. My friends joked that I was a serial entrepreneur."


the author of this paper is to achieve network partner wang. He recalled the past three years of entrepreneurship in the course of the transition, trying to find the direction of the four, and share his experience in the transformation of the many times in the past: do not forget the early heart, positive transformation, team communication.

over the past year in the course of entrepreneurship, the three transformation, we tried the four direction. My friends joked that I was a serial entrepreneur. Multitray share entrepreneurial approach entrepreneurial experience many articles, but rarely focus on the transformation of experience. Most startups die is in the money before failed to timely transition to the right direction. So share my experience in transition.

at the end of 13, I quit business on the market, which determines the direction of their faith with enthusiasm, after more than a year, our team has been exploring how to use the Internet talent spare time to help entrepreneurs. At first I found loose online collaboration is the trend of early business, so our products on the basis of the community to build a complete set of discussions and collaborative entrepreneurial project features.

14 years in August we got the 1 million seed financing. After is the continuous development and increase the function of the product, by the end of 14, some products should have been more perfect function we can think of, such as business discussion, the formation of the team, document collaboration, project management etc.. During this period also recruited the operating members, open to do operations promotion. Although registered users increased to more than 20 thousand, and then found that the product has not been a significant increase in daily live users. Later, I would like to get some users through the mobile terminal to get some users to improve the day to live, while the development of iOS and Android version, but after 15 years in March issued a version, did not bring the desired results. At this time we think it may be done to promote the bad, then do some promotional work, still can not bring growth.

to May, when the team increased to 9 people, the balance of the company’s account is only 300 thousand, and went out to talk about a few financing has not been a positive response. At this time, I suddenly found that the company is dangerous, if you do not make rapid changes, the company will close down in 3 months.

that period of time began to insomnia, the situation prompted me to reflect on the profound reflection on their own initiative to find the direction of the problem. It was found that I made an obvious mistake, aside from our team planning and idea of this product, from the user’s point of view, each direction of the product for the needs of users on the market are obviously more professional than our products, users have no reason to long-term use of this product. I am surprised that I need to make accurate judgments, rapid transformation in order to allow the company to survive.

first transition

soon we started the first turn