Network marketing needs and traditional marketing ideas linked


indeed, network marketing is marketing itself as one of the means, only on the basis of traditional marketing to add appropriate network communication and communication way, so the network marketing is the continuation and extension of traditional marketing, the concept of the natural need to hook.

if you understand the marketing of friends, we all know the concept of 4p’s, in fact, that is, (Product), price (Price), channel (Place) and promotion (Promotion) these things only. Then the four and how to achieve network marketing? We must first understand what is the network marketing channel, is the network communication, that is to say, when we use the network communication channels of communication to achieve product, price, promotion and other information, then we have to do network marketing.

after all, network marketing is a very broad concept, if you really want to further describe it, absolutely you can write a book to say clearly, so we still from the point of practical way to introduce how to use the network information channel to realize the goal of marketing, consumers pulled themselves in front of the.

SEO is a good way to spread, WeChat, blog and other information dissemination tool is also a good way to spread, but we now start with the SEO tool. For example, I want to do a project, is the "KTV" cave "( the potential target customers to the company before the site sales staff, so how should do can put this group of customers to win over the


if you use the traditional means of marketing, the first is market survey, and then segment the target customer segments, to the right, use of television advertising into a class, the appropriate use of DM advertising, and divided into a class, and then contact the advertising department, advertising model, dragged for a period of time after the launch of advertising, then the effect of advertising feedback, check the actual advertising arrival rate…… Unfortunately, in the advertising industry, there is a famous saying, I know that I have 50% of the advertising costs are wasted, but I do not know which is a waste of the 50%".

this time, you can see the SEO high efficiency in what place is manifested, although in reality there are a lot of people do not need to obtain information through the network will be able to live on KTV, but there are a lot of people want to go to the KTV before the first look at the changes in the price, so this time, they will use he is most familiar with the search engine to get the latest price for yourself, so we can use this mentality of consumers, the use of SEO to the keyword "KTV" cave "do the home page, is the best of the top 3, when consumers have the opportunity to see our latest price information, they may want to the booking service in our website platform.