See how they are in Baidu post bar to promote Taobao shop

in the bar when you accidentally found a lot of implicit marketing promotion posts, if they do not have contact with or do not know how to network marketing, it is easy to be brought into the. Especially for male friends, we do a lot of the network is male, so they are also aimed at the intention of the group to start. But we also know that Baidu Post Bar is home to a large flow, to the promotion of marketing in a flagrant way is certainly not in the above, but through these practices we can see, do promotion is not impossible in Baidu Post Bar.

1 leads to the most interesting topics of interest groups.

they are mainly in the emotional aspects of the topic to cause the user’s attention, look at this one, he used the post title is "I want to and my boyfriend broke up, what should I do?", a title like this, so put a picture in the theme. Many people think that is my photo. I think most of the single men will point into such a title, gave us a lot of thinking, especially the more grass root will go and see what is the reason for her, or what weapon, and to have the opportunity to see their own. And then it will be taken.

posts like this can in many of the larger bar, and will not be deleted when I saw this post reply more than and 200, and that it is still relatively small, only about 20W of the attention, in a larger post that the effect will be better the.

2, leads to the promotion of marketing content

let us see the figure below, looked very idiotic content, such a simple question, but the lack of precisely grasp the psychology of people, they think this woman is very good ah, actually can keep her boyfriend, what ability to keep a boyfriend? The question is, the other with the landlord the Post Bar account immediately leads to the topic. The landlord’s answer is to open the store to earn three thousand or four thousand a month. In this way, the other post bar account and continue to ask how to shop, and then contact the landlord to stay on top of it. For the network to understand the line to see how to go. For many novice friends, this method is relatively easy to move. Of course, this method is mainly aimed at the novice network.

3, guided transformation

general in Post Bar they will be placed on the contact QQ, and then if someone to add QQ advice how to guide the transformation? A simple point is directly to draw people to their own shop in the shop is introduced. And the other is through the Taobao store to sell the tutorial.

to write this article is to tell the novice friends detours, Taobao shop is able to make money, in particular, can also make a good fortune to open. But nothing is simple can be successful, the use of this method to promote Taobao shop for the drainage of the shop is a good help. But if that’s the way it goes