Secret ticket booking gray zone Ctrip is innocent or evil

[Abstract] a crisis of public opinion triggered by user complaints, as the tsunami hit the domestic online travel giant ctrip.

reported in January 13th Han Yimin science and technology Tencent

a public opinion crisis triggered by user complaints, as the tsunami hit the domestic online travel giant ctrip.

January 9th, micro-blog ttdz: micro-blog user complaints Ctrip, said he intended on Ctrip ticket is invalid in foreign countries when boarding, and had been located airport police suspect was arrested for fraud.

According to the

ttdz statement, this is the case because Ctrip stolen airline members redeem the ticket, the airline was found, and two consecutive stolen points against the airline ticket triggered the alert and alarm, causing ttdz encounter this embarrassing situation.

also made public complaints as well as from the media Li Miao on Ctrip, according to the successful payment and receipt of the ticket electronic ticket number, but was told that the ticket is invalid at the airport experience, Li Miao judgment in the sale of fake tickets ctrip.

ttdz and Li Miao publicly accused of causing many users to resonate, in the discussion of the change, back high cost, successful show tickets was denied boarding airlines and other issues, has become the hardest hit by the complaints.

for these complaints, Ctrip’s response is similar to usual: mainly due to improper operation of the supplier or supplier staff operating errors caused".

Ctrip also said, "at present, passengers without tickets at probability of less than 2/10000", "to eliminate illegal ticket etc., and not for illegal ticket platform for palliative care, guests will also perform a claim three of the industry’s high standard of compensation".


response obviously can not let the user satisfaction in the coexistence of proprietary platform business model, Ctrip is assumed due to the huge amount of regulatory responsibility; Ctrip, 2/10000 probability also means that a lot of people will encounter the scene without tickets Ctrip dilemma, how to solve this problem.

as of now, Ctrip’s response to external caliber is still a supplier of illegal operations or supplier staff operating errors". In the face of criticism of Ctrip’s enormous public tide, what are the gray area, ticket booking Ctrip OTA in the dispute should assume what responsibility, ticket booking causes chaos is what still needs to answer.

booking tickets which pit

Tencent science and technology comprehensive ticket agent industry stakeholders, summed up the ticket booking easy to encounter several major traps.

1 points

major airlines have established their own membership system, after becoming a member of the airline, the members of each flight mileage will be accumulated in integral form, after a certain degree of convertible tickets.

take China Southern Airlines, for example, a Guangzhou to North

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