Talking about the strategy of getting your website into Wikipedia entry smoothly

now has many webmaster to own website entries can be replaced by the Encyclopedia (such as Baidu encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia etc.) included, can increase the chain, and can increase the weight of the website, more important is the selected entry is good to improve their website image, in order to obtain the trust of Internet users. In actual operation, often heard many webmaster reflect their site entry is difficult to get through, especially added to their web site, the probability is small, not by reason often is "advertising too".

some time ago, I just help people to do a few entries, fortunately, have been adopted, in this, to share with you my experience.

a, entry framework

in the edit entries, the title and content is very important to think in advance. Take the title, Wikipedia entries usually include a title, title two, we usually only use a title. Our title should be designed to be concise, a sense of hierarchy. To the owners of the house as an example, its level of title including site introduction, site status, characteristic service, website, website, website’s slogan memorabilia, it can give a person a kind of formal planning, site management and orderly, the development prospect of the good impression. Encyclopedia editor at the time of review, will also feel that the creation of this entry is very careful, made full preparations, invisible to improve the probability of entry.

try not to have a single title, such as only the site profile, etc., so easy to make people feel that you simply advertise their own site. The contents of each title must be as detailed as possible, so that the correlation is strong, do not repeat each other. Content should be regular, as far as possible to write the atmosphere! To a certain height stand in their own industry to elaborate, such as a subject class website, in the description of the site location, site concept, development direction, you can stand on the height of the curriculum reform was introduced. In addition, the content description can not have a large number of strong personal feelings, as little as possible…" Such as the most advanced.

addition, the contents of the serial number, punctuation to ensure that the use of norms. When you are not sure of the title or content of your website, you can refer to and learn from the title and content of your own web site, you can copy their framework, add their own content.

two, reference

reference this part is mainly to provide links to their web site. The most important part of this part is to ensure that the relevance of the reference material, if the reference information and the web site do not want to do, it will be treated as an advertisement, which leads to the entry was edited back. The main form of reference materials, such as interpretation of nouns, pictures, links, etc., therefore, to do a good job of adequate preparation. For some of the entries in the interpretation of some of the pictures or will be used, you can advance on their own web site to publish this content, and as far as possible to avoid the same identity with the creation of the entry.

in addition to creating entries

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