ts B2B platform kuangbao network announced the completion of the 12 million round of financing Pre

Pre announced the acquisition of 12 million yuan A round of financing in the capital of

B2B from Android platform kuangbao network before.

According to the company’s

CEO for Zhao introduction, equipment and accessories for the so-called machine refers to the coal mine, the market size of about fifty billion. The mainstream of the three machine one (coal mining machine, scraper conveyor, loader, hydraulic support) supplier industry gathering, but after the service and accessories market is more dispersed, the number of downstream enterprises have tens of thousands of users.  

mining treasure network using self + third party transaction model, based on e-commerce + offline technical support for the enterprise to provide warehousing services, financial services, logistics services, rental and leasing services. The company started from 2014 in Shanxi Dole Jin Zemei machine Limited by Share Ltd was established in May this year, the Ministry of electricity providers, online kuangbao network. The import of goods more than 3000 SKU, with Dole Jin Ze production goods. But also in the development of matching, purchasing consignment business, the current total sales of more than two thousand yuan.

warehouse, Dole Jin Ze was distributed in Taiyuan 30 thousand square meters warehouse with the mineral treasure net. For a large number of accounts receivable in the industry, mine treasure network trying to rely on supply chain financial profit. And because most of mine inventory to production, mine, treasure net also hope that through the third party asset assessment to promote coal mine barter, trading second-hand machine.


team, the company has a team of more than 30 people, is a former Shanghai ring CEO Zhao Xin Science and technology limited company chairman, general manager, Shanxi lancoh Qualcomm Technology Co. Ltd. (Shanghai) QCA-EBU technical director, NVIDIA (Shanghai) semiconductor senior engineer.

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