The red hot truth marketing is king

millet mobile phone since 2011 November listed in domestic is sold more fire, its excellent performance and cheap price once friends called god". Recently, millet mobile phone news once again walk in the media outlet, millet officially announced the launch of the red rice phone, in August 12th in the official certification of millet space limit grab. Red rice phone and millet 1s, millet, like 2S, is going to be cost-effective road + hunger marketing, the price of 799 yuan, a large screen of 4.7 inches, the 4 core processor, dual card, etc..

attention millet friends certainly will not forget, before the millet in just 5 minutes and 14 seconds will be 50 thousand sets of millet 2S sold out, this is a myth of the history of the mobile phone market, micro-blog is also marketing a myth. In fact, now the mobile phone market competition is fierce, cost-effective road is not just only millet, millet victory wins exactly where? Here, we should be understanding, yes, the success of millet in addition to price, there seems to be a more important factor, that is its marketing strategy millet, mobile phone has a good marketing strategy, and millet these strategies can be very good grasp and use.

had to mention hunger marketing, in fact, not only to take the hunger marketing millet, Apple’s mobile phone before also adopted this strategy, and achieved great success. The so-called hunger marketing refers to the commodity provider intends to reduce production, thus making control of supply and demand and a shortage of "false", through the illusion to maintain brand image and create value marketing mode. This is a strong market demand, on the one hand, in a short period of time to return the funds, on the other hand, hanging the appetite of consumers, improve visibility. In order to send a mobile phone in the name, but in reality is advertising, we all know that the real winner is only a few, or even just a guise, but so fried out of popularity, so as to transform the market competitiveness and profit.

preheat, full sale. Red rice and millet mobile phone before the other mobile phone models, pre warm up long enough, satisfied the apple and the habit of routine, but millet is not apple, so the millet in the market both before and after more speculation, such as NetEase, Sheng Dahe launched 360 mobile phone under the focus of public opinion, to the user coupons, for example, the youth version of mobile phone is out of stock after resolutely will high configuration millet mobile phone to the user, these measures have let millet mobile phone has remained fairly hot in the market. After preheating, millet mobile phone to sell this way across the board, in addition to the cost savings, the rapid return of funds, but also very stylish, young people feel very exciting, of course, this is actually a kind of speculation.

the red rice mobile phone distribution channels and before the millet and millet 1S 2S different, not published in the official micro-blog, WeChat platform millet, but posted on the official certification of space, the people are very surprised, some people questioned this is a speculation millet, regardless of whether he is not a marketing hype >

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