On the learning value of WeChat group

since the emergence of WeChat group, QQ group on the decline. In fact, there is no difference between WeChat group QQ group, but WeChat occupied the minds of everyone. Want to kill a product, the first to let it into the minds of consumers.

from 40 people to 500 people now even more, WeChat group from the minority group discussion into a large organization together. At the same time, WeChat group received more and more people, many people are also using the WeChat group to gather more contacts, is in the use of WeChat group to learn to share, of course, some groups should be charged, because they think that "my group has value, share knowledge, make contacts, one pulse is money pulse." I can only ha ha.

People with type

, Birds of a feather flock together. No matter which group is the mode of operation, the people are finally joined the common thinking, common language". However, the group number, must taste, and common ideas, the so-called language, has become a virtual "China dream".

group is a small organization, organization must have rules, because it is a virtual organization, the formulation of the rules is difficult to standardize, this depends on the influence of group and group member cooperation degree, if mandatory management, group members also shouted: "it’s just so much, where’s the rules." Look, the rules for the emergence of the Internet, it is unreasonable.

wrote an article about the group (group P), not too much discussion. The only talk about some of the ideas to share learning for the purpose of WeChat group.


first entered into a study group, we usually think about a problem, WeChat group can learn something useful? Since everyone is coming with a purpose, requirements of high quality natural group, so it will have the following questions:

a, to the center of the problem

Internet is to break the center of the problem, but on the contrary, the so-called fans economy is not the same as the center, to the center of the easy to say, hard to do. The birth of a group, the main group of rights is the largest, but also by his rules, how to operate, what time can refresh, what time is the time of the discussion, not enough to send pictures, not to talk about boring topic, and, well, the problem appeared, the main group said. You have to listen to, or the group doesn’t mix, so this time is the center, to rule as the center, and the group when these rules, then it is doomed to interaction decreases, thus there is no life.

WeChat group is actually a community, to ensure that the community to the center, it is necessary to open, and open and can not be too open, but also in the degree of. For example, fans of millet, millet fans for the economy, but for rice is the community well, because they are in the community to communicate with millet as the central content.

but WeChat can’t play like this, it’s impossible

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