QQ space from the media marketing dare say you play biased

With the advent of

from the media, everyone to do from the media industry, especially since the media do mask is a project of the most fire, but the problem is that since the media effect is good, apart from the need to review the media platform, the space is QQ people from the media and more gas. Advertising is not audit, which makes friends feel very easy to do from the media, because everyone has their own QQ space, and the first since the media buddies began the day to send some products, such as the fire of the mask, clothes, like. Just the beginning of the popularity is still relatively strong, due to the passage of time, slowly small partners found less popular.

what is this? Buddies with questions about Baidu, learn a little, then a lot of friends, to increase the popularity of their effect, just make up for lack of popularity, then buddies think this is feasible, in order not to let down the popularity of buddies often to friends like, some unknown to see the most people who care about me to see where the buddies pay special attention to him, and then began to buddies, after a period of time the friends know buddies do ideas, then no longer pay attention to some friends, more direct dynamic shielding. This allows small partners can not display advertising.

of course you send ads every day, who will cause your advertising? Even if you are a good friend, look at you every day and every day is advertisement, published many times, friends are tired of you naturally shielded you, if it is QQ to see a friend, you know you are selling something do promotion, directly blocked, if not how to care about the direct pull you black, buddies QQ space since the media is not like, you must first consider the problems.

The first

you QQ space reached ten thousand fans? Without you I still do not advise you to do, second others what to pay attention to you? What is your target customers third? Fourth what you can provide value to the customer? If a product, then ask buddies products who are better than you the product is now since the media do much to the celebrity endorsements of products more advantages than you.

QQ space from the media play

so small partners have to provide valuable fear to retain users and attract customers, slowly get up the popularity, so you can do to get good results from the media. Don’t direct products when you send logs, such as you do mask, write some articles about humor and beauty, add the product later in the article, just add a little can, not too obvious, otherwise users and customers to be bored. As long as attract popularity, so that people slowly grow up from the media marketing do not have to worry about no effect. This is a way, there is a way to talk about the time, in the talk about inserting pictures, add the mask information and QQ number in the picture, and then use the way to praise the marketing.

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