There is a reason for the enterprise network marketing to invest less

network marketing investment costs increased year by year, but the return of output is not improved, which has become the unspoken pain of many companies in the hearts of the legendary miracle network marketing where to go?

this question reminds me of a chat with the elders scene, he asked me what I said, the network marketing, then the answer was: "Oh, is the online advertising is" what time, network marketing, the stand in the forefront of the industry was reduced to stick tip small ads? But I’m actually speechless, open the QQ, look at the forum, around the circle of friends, actually everywhere is advertising, it should also be many companies put a lot of reasons, the tiny gains.

this is an era of information explosion, companies are busy doing all kinds of advertising money, only to retain a place to live in in the minds of consumers, but when you are forced consumers to accept advertising considering he is willing or not? You know it is also a serious trust crisis era, often listen to do business friends say "now customers are smart, earn good money", a charity fund exposed to a variety of shady exposure; help elderly people were falsely reported; various online fakes rampant; people have been forced to dare not clever. How much do you expect to be able to do so at this time when people are on the alert and you force him to accept the ads and accept the harassment?

any network marketing platform, skills are empty, without excessive pursuit, you only need to understand a problem, how to enhance trust, trust is the essence of your behavior whether the results meet consumer expectations, and expectations from your commitment, or you feel, or to him you look; this is the need to do it, not every day harassing him say. Now many enterprises in advertising exaggerated their love of product or service, the electricity supplier who love picture repair makes consumers in this magnificent, see the product or accept service gap, to know that according to the law of 250, behind every consumer have 250 friends, according to the 58 national Nelson network survey 84% of global respondents said relatives and friends recommend the most reliable verbal information, so that in the early morning dream process enterprises to develop Internet marketing, should focus on how to solve the problem of trust, trust is to enhance the core conversion rate.

trust is a feeling of the whole, from the site’s color mix, layout details, font size to the outside of the advertising language, advertising design and so are the need for careful scrutiny, multi test. If the contents of a large number of advertising copy, such as psoriasis like hanging everywhere, website experience do bad, in this case, increase the investment cost will only cause a waste of. We spend a lot of effort for each customer flow, then click enter our website at heart are hopes for the US, this time we successfully distance is very near, but you do not let him feel your trust, so the potential loss in a customer.

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