Depth discussion of local industry website promotion

many traditional industries, are aware of the Internet to develop their own market, improve the company’s performance for how to promote the network, but only a general understanding. There are a lot of industry website promotion, must have one of the industry, the company’s operation, there are a considerable understanding of network promotion, can well established a line under the combined promotion scheme. I take the medical industry as an example, in-depth study of local medical (hospital) website promotion, other industries can learn from each other feasible.

for a hospital in charge of the network popularization of the people, there are many problems need to be considered, not you what method can be brought to the hospital much traffic on the line, the ultimate goal is to improve the conversion rate (appointment rate). How to improve the conversion rate? As a hospital website, if you want to improve the conversion rate, they don’t do a keyword optimization, don’t start thinking about how to put the target keyword row to Baidu home page, first consider the user experience of the website. The user experience of the site does not pass, even if your keywords can bring much traffic, the final conversion rate will be subject to the constraints of the user experience, failed to achieve the desired results. If the user experience can be improved, you have to start on the website revision, the revision of the objective is to enhance the user experience, but in thinking about how to enhance the user experience at the same time, also have to consider whether such layout of search engine friends, whether to optimize,

can not care for this and lose that!

good user experience, will have to internal web site optimization, how to carry out internal optimization here do not repeat, we can refer to the previously released "the website I need to focus on the two aspects of the design".

the above two steps to do a good job, you have to enter the SEO routine work, the target keyword optimization. A lot of the diseases such as medical industry, key words more, but not all words are so good optimization, also not all of the key words of conversion rate are high, have to keyword analysis, select a large number of competition is small, long tail keywords high conversion rate, selects several competing difficult, for the optimization of key words. The choice of target keywords, will be around the keyword updates related article, if not for you to update, will teach the editors how to update, because we do search engine optimization, not only on other sites to copy and paste on the line, must have the skills, to pseudo original, so as to achieve better the effect of. For us, the original is false, but for the search engine, it is either the original, or the content is repeated on the network, there will be no false original said.

The conventional

SEO to work at the same time, still have to think of other ways to promote, the hospital has many departments, each department has its own task, if other departments such as business departments and customers in a business talk, can more mention of the hospital website, the domain name is not easy to remember what can guide users can search the website of the hospital, hospital culture website user attention, understanding of the latest activities such as dynamic and go to school in >!

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