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good things, of course, to share with others, here are a few ways to promote, maybe you will make your visit several times. You may be tired or upset, but if you think it is worth, might as well stick:


1, the group increased blog hits (strongly recommended!)

2, through other means of publicity. Other means refers to QQ/MSN, BBS or even E-Mail. Put the URL in the signature file and tell your friends that you have a blog that allows you to share your feelings or thoughts with you. You can also tell them how great blog is to write and communicate with each other. They will be your strongest Reader:

3, landing the major search engines. You can make your article easier to search, to bring their own visitors in all directions.

      free landing search engine entry Daquan   Chinese Blog list service

4, links. Go to someone else’s blog/ personal home page, and others to exchange links, to build a small network. The Links is easy to find people like drawn to like others of course, is also very easy to find you, Links can bring a steady flow for you.

5, communicate with others. Do not save your comments in a lot of others blog in return for his / her backseat driver, as will your blog a backseat driver. So you won’t feel lonely, your blog will not be desolate.

· log on to the following web site, will enable the search engine to collect your site, so that more people appreciate your site.

· Baidu login address:

· Chinese Blog search engine:

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