South seven new media to complete the angel round of financing of 5 million investment easy angel

South seven new media today announced that the company completed an angel round of financing of $5 million, valued at $30 million, the investor is an easy angel.


(WeChat: ilieyun hunting cloud network [Hangzhou]) June 27th report (text / Zhao Xinyuan)

Comment on the interpretation of

"South seven new media" focus on technology and Internet events, including text, video, audio and other forms, including its seven South Road, seven road, "" nonsense "Internet reality survey shows what nonsense" and other new media brand, seven South Road is the goal of the new media the young people around the world gathered into a community through the creation and dissemination of content, form a focus on the life style of young people UGC platform. On this platform, the user can achieve the goal that the individual can not achieve through the power of the community.

South seven new media for the Internet start-up companies to provide new media brands and other services. South seven road has been involved in the Tencent entrepreneurial department, 90 entrepreneurs and other popular communication concept, the depth of participation in the face MOE, Faceu and other star entrepreneurial projects brand communication.

South seven new media team members all come from professional media and Internet Co. Seven South Road has been responsible for a number of tens of millions of product development and operations, in 8 years as a product manager to start the new media business, science and technology is the mainstream media annual author; co-founder Tang Feng in four years, the Tencent marketing department is responsible for WeChat game entertainment brand media; content partner Liang Jian, 15 year veteran the media, the original Shenzhen ZAKER news client executive editor, director of the Shenzhen evening news magazine center.

at present, South seven new media started the "involvement" of young people worldwide Internet life, through a combination of young people around the world, in the form of UGC+PGC, each with a different theme, through the video to show young people around the world out of the ordinary life of the mobile Internet and the social process, the new media has been South seven combined with the Chinese young people, more than and 30 countries and regions overseas students, employees and foreign friends, completed a number of programs, including "around the world don’t take cash, can rely on mobile phone payment through the day, all young people in the subway are doing what other interesting the first phase of attention topic, mobile phone payment programs click on the line for two days, has more than 3 million, the whole network can acclaim, is expected to around 5 million.

at the same time, the South seven revealed that the company has launched a new round of financing, the current round of financing will be mainly used for the nonsense of the seven video show to launch and build the platform.

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