The necessity of graphic analysis of WeChat public number operation

as a public number of operations for us, we have done everything for 1 fans to read the amount of 2 white is the amount of our daily views. I believe that the most headaches for the majority of the operators is how to improve our reading quantity and the amount of fans? In addition to the content and layout we know, we also need to pay attention to the graphic analysis is also a lot of people ignored -. Here I would like to say how to analyze the specific graphic

since last October so far, I have been operating the public for six months, during which also took a lot of detours, especially the amount of reading and reading volume and fans attention. In the first half of this year I think the graphic analysis of a qualified operator is essential. We only through graphic analysis can clearly understand what our fans need is not what is needed.

A: through the analysis of the positioning of the content

Why is

through graphic analysis to locate their content? Because after the analysis we know that our fans love what kind of articles take my public number to be shocked (beizhenjingle) for the graphic analysis as below:

  we can use graphic analysis every day to determine our fans need what does not need what, we can see the daily number of service, how many people have read the text, the number of forward collection volume.

two: graphic analysis can reflect other problems

1 our cover is attracting fans


  we cover through the analysis we can see that this was my shock (beizhenjingle) is a male dominated fan, why? We from the title and the cover and content of the article is the three, will be able to prove this point, the title is "f * * * male bias" sexy "adults" and the amount of reading is also very high. So we need to do is to love the fans later what type of articles so we specially to update the articles, only to meet the needs of the fans after they are willing to pay for our articles, the amount of reading will go up

2 how about our title



this title has been very bad, so the title is very important, even if you do not click on the contents of the fans will not look good. A good article is that there will be a lot of fans to collect and forward, a good title to attract more fans to read. We like to buy the same clothes, not to say the price and quality of it, how we should first reference is color and style is not suitable for them, so is our article, as long as the fans to see your title is very attractive, it is a great attraction, so he is very Click to come to see your content.


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