Daddy where the 2 battle placement into cannon fodder


"Daddy where the 2" copyright storm cause uproar on the occasion, Iqiyi shot: "Dad 2" the implant brand advertising are fuzzified, popularly called mosaic. Iqiyi will blur the Yili QQ star Mark, the end part of the special thanks to the music as the TV to cut off the future, if the video content copyright, broadcasting, the angle of the ads if it does not meet the requirements of Iqiyi, is likely to click or blur.



content and channels of the game on the Internet is becoming increasingly fierce. Today’s headlines and news source of the dispute, the gap between the record company with the player, video sites and video providers can not stop the infighting. Even in the field of science and technology, the production of the content of the code word and distribution channels, such as technology blog, occasionally contradictory.

with Nora event, video copyright is the focus of genuine has become the industry consensus, but the fact is that there are still many copyright is not clear. For example, the 360 will be through the video footage of the edge ball and Iqiyi robbed from the "father" 2 "first right", and now Iqiyi’s action and to make people aware of copyright and a fuzzy region: the right to modify the content.

when the law was not clear if this operation is not specified in the relevant terms of the contract, so the operation of Iqiyi may be no ground for blame for the user experience, and may be of interest to commercial considerations. According to a video and music practitioners revealed that Iqiyi with the Hunan satellite TV "Dad 2" network copyright LETV failed to win the contender. Now, Iqiyi on the exposed processed seem to suppress competition.

objectively, this is exactly the fight against Hunan TV and 360 film drilling loopholes in the cooperation of the great response. Cooperation mango TV and Hunan TV’s 360 film, provides an ideal source of traffic — 360 use this vulnerability to make a fuss had no TV network quality export mango, illegal propaganda packaged himself as "exclusive video platform, Dad 2" situation, Hunan satellite TV is not as not unrelated. Price to buy the title sponsor, but can not show on the network side, users a day Iqiyi whole network of more than 100 million, Erie distressed these pressures, as can be imagined, eventually converted to the Hunan satellite tv. The original simple advertising rights differences, which becomes more complex.

content and channel game

content and channel game is an eternal topic in the video industry is particularly fierce competition for the two systems.

from Iqiyi’s "embedded advertising fuzzy, the content side is strangling the throat channels has been very obvious disadvantage. In addition, the content of party if there is no channel, will always be a pole sale, in addition to selling the copyright, what is gone. The channel is to establish long-term relationships with users, the formation of online advertising, content distribution, hard

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