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Better Late Than Never – September’s Review of the Month Winner

first_imgWe’ve been very busy at Glassdoor. Between adding new features, updating our CEO watch list, and reaching a Glassdoor milestone of 100k approved reviews and salaries – we have finally selected our “Review of the Month” winner for September. In case you aren’t familiar, each month we spotlight one Glassdoor employee review and award that user $500 (in this economy everyone could use the extra cash). This month’s winner is a former Product Manager at Amazon.com.Amazon.com Office in SeattleBalanced, thorough, and honest. That’s the best way to describe this month’s winning review. Though not the most positive, this Amazon.com review almost feels like advice from one friend to another. That’s what the Glassdoor community is all about. Take a look and we think you’ll agree why this review stands out:The culture has a sense of fun to it but it masks disrespect for the people working for management. There is a clear assumption that management knows best in every way, and so they have to watch over every detail to ensure that the dumb workers do not screw something up. This will just suck your soul – there is no presumption that you know what you are doing because you earned the job there.”And, for those of you considering a career at Amazon, here’s your warning:Within the company, the implications of this micromanagement attitude are well known – the company consistently misses goals for retention of its best performing employees and I believe that is because smart and able people do not like having no freedom to make decisions or priorities and do not like being treated like they do not know what they are doing.”But this review was not all negative, there are also several positives to highlight from this review:Many times we made decisions that were bad for the company short-term but better for the customer. Great to be guided by what’s good for the customer.”Strong sense of innovation – they try to do things in a new way and think big and ambitiously. You will have the opportunity to build interesting products and features.”And as you might expect from a winning review, there is also some thoughtful and actionable advice to management:Think about a succession planning – Jeff has such iron grip on the company that it will be lost without him. Encourage some bottom-up development and decision-making: Start a new group and isolate it from the old-school management so they can’t interfere.”This Glassdoor user will receive $500 for taking the time to offer a thoughtful and balanced look at life inside Amazon.com. You could be our next winner, so keep those reviews coming!last_img read more

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